24 Apr

Real Consent Report by Mark Lizar

Note: This post has been originally published by Mark Lizar in real-consent.org

The Design workshop was held by the Personal Data & Trust Network, Digital Catapult, and the Consent & Information Sharing WG last month.  The focus of  putting people at the centre of the design process for consent was very interesting and novel topic.

The workshop (a second in a series on Real Consent) started with a look at the human experience of consent with presentations from industry experts.    Followed up with a workshop on consent by design led by  Alessandro Carelli Phd Researcher at Loughborough University, who facilitated the consent by design workshop.

We had amazing speakers, Sarah Drummond from Digital Agency @WareSnook shared project experiences in the design of consent.  Mike Oneil from Bay Cloud, showed us working consent by design with enforcing Do Not Track with Bouncer  and CookieQ, to show compliance with ePrivacy Directive.  CIS-WG’s  Mark Lizar talked about the current digital consent bottleneck for personal data control, dynamic consent and privacy self-regulation.   Richard Beaumont analysed examples in cookie regulation,  compliance and consent design.

In the afternoon we used a design workflow in the workshop to  look at consent design elements.    During the workshop the phrase Consent by Design was coined to describe the combination of design elements, and data controls  in the pre, during and post consent phase.

Special thanks to Alessandro for the great work and we look forward for the follow up on consent design metrics. There is a Consent Design presentation, which can be found here. and the Consent journey Canvas.

A surprising outcome is the Consent By Design approach which was coined to summarise by the mix of dynamic and open consent, permissions and controls available at various points in the consent life cycle.

The CISWG has been facilitating a series of sponsored Real Consent Workshops in collaboration with the Digital Catapult’s Personal  Data & Trust Network.   Tickets for  Real Consent & A look @ Trust .  This workshop will again have a few presentation  from expert in identity, trust, and consent.  This is an semi-formal event where those building the next generation of trust are invited to talk about consent.

To find more information goto  http://real-consent.org