Investigation into the experience of managing privacy for smartphone applications


Hi, my name is Alessandro Carelli and I am a PhD Candidate at Loughborough Design School. This study is about understanding the user experience of managing mobile app privacy and is part of my PhD. Data from participants will help inform the research towards novel Privacy Management Tools (PMTs) that will help smartphone users to better understand implications for our privacy.

I really appreciate the time you would take to participate in my study.


What is the purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to understand the point of view of smartphone users like you when it comes to managing privacy, that is to gain a deep understanding of what privacy management means to people.
Thus this study is all about user experience, that is feelings, desires and needs when using privacy management tools for smartphone devices.


How is it structured?

The study is not meant to be question-answer interview rather it is designed to be a open discussion. To do so, you will be involved in a series of small workshops aiming to help you reflect on your experience.

To take part in this study you will be involved in 3 consecutive phases.


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

The first part of the study is mainly concerned with understanding your attitudes and preferences and will last about 90 minutes.


In the second part participants will be asked to install a privacy management app and to share quick notes on thoughts and opinions about their experience involving the app for the following 2 weeks, at times which are more convenient for them.


Finally, the third and final part is committed to explore more in detail your thoughts. The third and final phases will last about 45-60 minutes.


How long will the study last and where it will take place?

The study is designed to last 2 weeks (the date of the follow-up interview will depend on the participant’s availability). The workshop element will ideally conducted at the Loughborough Design School (all other elements can be completed remotely). However they might be arranged in different places if needed.


What I will get for partecipating?

  • Taking part in this study will introduce you to some tools about privacy management you may not be aware of, as well as enhancing your understanding of how applications manage your personal information.

  • Any participants will have the chance to win a 50 euros gift certificate for


I am eligible to take part in the study if

  • I am older then 18 years

  • I have a smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher (this is how to check your OS version or just send me an email)

  • I have a data plan with any operator

  • I do not have a degree in computer science

I am very happy to have an informal chat with you about it if you are considering taking part in my study. So, if you are interested in this study please click on the button below.

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