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05 Sep

Design Track @ MyData2017


In August/September 2017 I had the great chance to co-host the track on Human-Centred Design (HCD) within the MyData conference along with Ksenia Avetisova – Strategic Innovation Lead at Tieto Data Driven Business, Innovation Incubator and Tanel Mallo from Tallinn University.

The track aimed at exploring how Design can enable a human-centred approach to personal data and uncovering the path ahead and overcoming the challenges.

All the presentations and materials created for and during the design workshop and the two sessions which formed the track are available at this link:


02 Mar

What’s in the menu | Consent Experience Design Workshop @ IFF2017

If you are attending IFF2017 next week, please consider to join the Consent Experience Design Workshop: two hours hands-on activity to re-think the informed consent.

The workshop will take palace on the 8th of March from the 9:45 to 12:00, the venue is Taller 6.

Participants with any background are welcome, being familiar with service design and/or UX methodology is recommended.

More information are available below.

Hope to meet you in Valencia soon!


Workshop’s presentation


Intro and description


Tools we are going to use







Please feel free to reach out to me if you wish any additional information


04 Jan

Investigation into the experience of manage privacy of smartphone applications


Please consider to take part in my study on the UX of privacy management for mobile applications.


What is the purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to understand the point of view of smartphone users like you when it comes to manage privacy.
We are not interested in your knowledge about the topic rather our aim is to gain a deep understanding of what privacy management means to people.
Thus this study is all about user experience, that is feelings, desires and needs when using privacy management tools for smartphone devices.


How is it structured?

The study is not meant to be question-answer interview rather it is designed to be a open discussion. To do so, you will be involved in a series of small workshops aiming to help you reflect on your experience.


How long it will last?

The study is designed to last 2 weeks the date of the follow-up interview will depend on the participant’s availability and only the workshops will be ideally conducted at the Loughborough Design School. However they might be arranged in different places if needed.


What I will get for partecipating?

  • Taking part in this study will show you some tools about privacy management you may not be aware of, as well as enhancing your understanding of how applications manage your personal information.
  • Any participants will have the chance to win a 50 euros gift certificate to amazon.com.


I am eligible to take part in the study if

  • I am older then 18 years
  • I got a smartphone running any version of Android
  • I have a data plan with any operator
  • I do not have a degree in computer science


Go to the study presentation page Go to the study info sheet

09 Sep

Consent Experience Design Workshop @ MyData2016


On September 2016 I had the chance to co-organise a  collaborative workshop with designers and entrepreneurs involved in MyData: a project aiming to bring human centered approach in personal data management as well as combining industry need to data with digital human rights.

This was the session’s objective From the description available here

This session, run by a group of design leaders from within the MyData market, will provide attendees with a simple and actionable framework for approaching MyData design challenges within their respective organisations. Attendees will be exposed to new tools as well as adapted and proven, Privacy by Design approaches, along with accompanying activities.

Materials used in the Mapping MyData Consent Experience Workshop are available below


29 May

Nathan Kinch, Head of Experience and Labs for Meeco on trust and consent experience canvas

Without trust, what do we have? Well, we have the current state of the internet economy, that’s what.

It’s well documented that consumers distrust the way companies use their data, with as many as 65 percent of consumers believing brands use their personal data without consent. It’s also fairly well documented this distrust could hinder growth opportunities, but more on that later.

Link to full article

25 Apr

Mapping the real consent experience | Workshop tools

This post offers a brief summary of the tools used in the workshop on Consent & Design which took place on the 21st of March 2016 @ Digital Catapult, London

Additional links:



Real Consent is a focus on the human side of consent. It’s about making consent meaningful for people. Design plays a big role in managing informed consent, in so much that people can understand; what they are agreeing to before providing consent, have a choice during consent, and can manage consent after it is provided.

The aim of the workshop is to map the ‘consent experience’ by exposing gaps in current consent tools and highlighting new areas of innovation.




24 Apr

Real Consent Report by Mark Lizar

Note: This post has been originally published by Mark Lizar in real-consent.org

The Design workshop was held by the Personal Data & Trust Network, Digital Catapult, and the Consent & Information Sharing WG last month.  The focus of  putting people at the centre of the design process for consent was very interesting and novel topic.

The workshop (a second in a series on Real Consent) started with a look at the human experience of consent with presentations from industry experts.    Followed up with a workshop on consent by design led by  Alessandro Carelli Phd Researcher at Loughborough University, who facilitated the consent by design workshop.

We had amazing speakers, Sarah Drummond from Digital Agency @WareSnook shared project experiences in the design of consent.  Mike Oneil from Bay Cloud, showed us working consent by design with enforcing Do Not Track with Bouncer  and CookieQ, to show compliance with ePrivacy Directive.  CIS-WG’s  Mark Lizar talked about the current digital consent bottleneck for personal data control, dynamic consent and privacy self-regulation.   Richard Beaumont analysed examples in cookie regulation,  compliance and consent design.

In the afternoon we used a design workflow in the workshop to  look at consent design elements.    During the workshop the phrase Consent by Design was coined to describe the combination of design elements, and data controls  in the pre, during and post consent phase.

Special thanks to Alessandro for the great work and we look forward for the follow up on consent design metrics. There is a Consent Design presentation, which can be found here. and the Consent journey Canvas.

A surprising outcome is the Consent By Design approach which was coined to summarise by the mix of dynamic and open consent, permissions and controls available at various points in the consent life cycle.

The CISWG has been facilitating a series of sponsored Real Consent Workshops in collaboration with the Digital Catapult’s Personal  Data & Trust Network.   Tickets for  Real Consent & A look @ Trust .  This workshop will again have a few presentation  from expert in identity, trust, and consent.  This is an semi-formal event where those building the next generation of trust are invited to talk about consent.

To find more information goto  http://real-consent.org