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Privacy Feedback | A PhD research project

Thank you for visiting my PhD project website.

I am Alessandro, I am a designer and a PhD student at Loughborough Design School researching in the field of privacy and design.

I am also on Linkedin, twitter and GitHub


Whatch the presentation on Slideshare

What is this research about?
The aim of this research is to find novel and effective solutions to feedback privacy-sensitive runtime data to users in order to raise their awareness and improve their control over unintended data disclosure.
Why this research?
While smartphone privacy-sensitive runtime data has been proved to be effective in order to raise users’ awareness and understanding about the apps’ behaviour, there is a gap in knowledge on how such information can be visualised and fed back to users.
How is it being conducted?
Using the research through design (RtD) approach and mixed method research design to develop and assess novel data visualisation interfaces.

Latest news

05 Sep

Design Track @ MyData2017


In August/September 2017 I had the great chance to co-host the track on Human-Centred Design (HCD) within the MyData conference along with Ksenia Avetisova – Strategic Innovation Lead at Tieto Data Driven Business, Innovation Incubator and Tanel Mallo from Tallinn University.

The track aimed at exploring how Design can enable a human-centred approach to personal data and uncovering the path ahead and overcoming the challenges.

All the presentations and materials created for and during the design workshop and the two sessions which formed the track are available at this link:


02 Mar

What’s in the menu | Consent Experience Design Workshop @ IFF2017

If you are attending IFF2017 next week, please consider to join the Consent Experience Design Workshop: two hours hands-on activity to re-think the informed consent.

The workshop will take palace on the 8th of March from the 9:45 to 12:00, the venue is Taller 6.

Participants with any background are welcome, being familiar with service design and/or UX methodology is recommended.

More information are available below.

Hope to meet you in Valencia soon!


Workshop’s presentation


Intro and description


Tools we are going to use







Please feel free to reach out to me if you wish any additional information